The enterprise is located in ecologically pure area in the Kyrgyz Republic. The site for the distilling plant construction has not been chosen by chance, the distilling plant management looked for a place where you can drill your own well and directly produce artesian water. Experts from Russia and Kazakhstan have installed equipment so that water from the artesian well goes directly into the water purification membrane system made by “Pentair California Industrial Technologies” (United States of America). The system uses for water cleaning and softening natural filtering elements, including anthracite, which is the oldest fossil coal.
     One of the important components in vodka production is alcohol; a lot of attention is paid to alcohol at the distilling plant. For the production of alcoholic beverages we use luxury grain spirit and alcohol of fifth generation "Alpha" produced in spirit factory of Tokmok.  In 2008 the company was awarded with the “Gold certificate of quality” with the right to use the symbols of the International program “Global Quality Program”.
     The new and advanced technologies are actively implemented at the distilling plant. The company "AYU" is the only company in Kyrgyzstan, which uses platinum and silver filters. In the production process in special sorting tanks the alcohol is mixed with softened water, the derived wateralcohol mixture goes to the pressure tank, where its multistage cleaning through the filters begins, and then all the components according to the approved formula are added. The natural additives that give unique taste and aroma are mainly used in the production of vodka products.
     At the final stage a polishing filter "SARTORIUS" (Germany) is used in order to provide the vodka with brilliant crystal glitter, then the vodka is settled for some time or as technologists are saying – the vodka rests, and then the vodka taste becomes mild and harmonious.
     At each production stage the plant laboratory controls the quality, as well as the physical and chemical and organoleptic characteristics of the product. The laboratory is equipped with the Austrian state-ofthe-art equipment "Anton-Paar" using which the density (strength) of vodka and alcohol is determined, Japanese gas chromatograph “SHIMADZU 2010” determines the presence of toxic contaminants in vodka and alcohol. On the basis of the plant laboratory the standing special taste panel has been established, which carries out independent control of compliance of the products with established requirements and standards, and issues its conclusions and recommendations.
     The company "AYU" constantly increases production rates, expands the range and improves the quality of its products. Today, the company produces: moonshine, liquors, balsams, low-proof beverages, aswell as more than 50 kinds of vodka products. Thanks to the use of modern technologies and a strong professional team, the company "AYU" produces high-quality, competitive and marketable products at affordable prices.
Schemeof AYU distillingplant

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